What is it?

Since our launch, the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre has undertaken and learned from over 130 digital innovation projects, 50+ digital products or live services, over 350 design research, and market research reports.

Our experience has identified a need to shift focus from individual apps and use-case specific products to supporting resilience and flexibility through reusable platforms. As a result, our DHI Exchange focuses on providing generic platforms to support many suppliers and services including person-centred data-sharing infrastructure (i.e. Health Data Exchanges, Personal Data Stores, Citizen Wallets, etc.) and decision support infrastructure (rules engines, content libraries, etc.).

The infrastructure we procure, support, and develop arises from our extensive co-design with the people of Scotland and are informed by common key requirements across groups and services.

Digital Health Strathclyde


We run regular events to enable meetings, co-design activities, and live demonstrations to select audiences. If you would like to attend a session, register your interest and we'll be in touch.

We are currently re-developing our DSE and will be re-opening it in the coming months.


Simulation refers to funded projects where we work with developers to integrate their products and services within these new types of architecture

We use well-recognised standards, make a suite of APIs available and provide documentation and support to allow others to integrate with our infrastructure as needed.

In the first instance, this is done through access to sandbox environments, where simulated (fake/dummy) data can be used to demonstrate joined-up digital service delivery.

If you can show us your product or service working in this ecosystem on a simulated basis, then several paths become available for collaboration.

Prospective partners may wish to do this because:

  • You have a commercially available product and want to demonstrate how you can support integration, to generate a case study or evidence of collaborative working
  • You are looking to work with Scottish health and care organisations who are using our infrastructure live and want to de-risk your product by demonstrating integration
  • You have a funding bid or proposal, and need to show a route to integration, a route to market, or need our help to support research, innovation or development activity

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